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It’s time for us all to do what we can

We’ve all being asked to keep our distance from each other, but it’s possible to be more together whilst staying apart.

Long queue of people waiting at the cash register in a supermarket isolated on white background

Coop’d up at home? 6 tips to be a better shopper during coronavirus

The outbreak of Covid-19 has shown the world what we in the co-operative sector already know - that our retail workers are heroes. Through thick and thin, they continue to go to work on tills, stocking shelves and making deliveries - ensuring we are clothed, fed and safe. it isn't an easy job, especially in the current circumstances. In the spirit of co-operation, we can make sure we're making small changes to our daily lives to make sure we don't make their job harder.

A picture showing empty pasta shelves in a British supermarket

Coronavirus is giving us all a taste of food insecurity

For most of us in the UK, Coronavirus has elicited the first genuine concerns about our ability to feed ourselves and our families. But for many families, food insecurity is an every day experience.

Is commonhold the answer to leaseholders trapped by unsafe cladding?

Nine in ten private blocks with Grenfell-style cladding are still covered in cladding - meaning leaseholders are stuck in unsafe homes with significant bills. These voters need Labour - work with the Co-operative Party on leasehold reform and commonhold tenure are a good start.

A Co-operative Manifesto for London

Our first chance to bounce back after the General Election is a resounding win in the GLA elections - so we are engaging with Sadiq’s team to make sure we have an ambitious manifesto to help make that happen. And we're clear that it’s not just what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

What is in it for co-operators?

Today we have written to all the Labour Leadership and Deputy Leadership contenders with a simple question: ‘why should co-operators give you their support?’ We look forward to being able to share their answers to our members and supporters.

Nominations to the NEC now open

Could you help steer our Party though the next three years to 2023? Nominations are now open for elections to the Co-operative Party’s NEC, to take office for from June 2020.

People Powered Climate Action

Truly, there isn’t a problem facing local government today to which there isn’t a co-operative solution. That’s as much the reality for our climate crisis, which councils are increasingly recognising, as it is for anything else we councillors are facing.