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I say loudly and clearly: Black Lives Matter

This movement and the giants upon whose shoulders it stands paved the way for me and others like me not just to be here, but to hold positions like the one I do as Wales’ Health Minister.

We must tackle the hidden grief crisis with a roadmap to dignity in bereavement

As talk begins of a ‘return to normal’, it’s important that we recognise that for those who have lost loved ones, there is no going back. The Government needs to provide a way forward for those left behind – and to do this, a roadmap to dignity in bereavement is essential.

Building a Co-operative Recovery

We are passionate about wanting people and institutions to continue co-operating out of lockdown: not to lapse back to competing with each other at the first opportunity.

Banana workers in PPE

Our response to the COVID-19 crisis must include key workers abroad

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the fragility of global supply chains and the importance of ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the farmers and workers within them. The Fairtrade movement is supporting farmers and workers in developing countries through this crisis, and are calling for urgent action in the face of the rising poverty set to take its toll on communities around the globe.

No Bailouts for Tax Avoiders

Any Government bailouts provided to companies due to the coronavirus should have three simple Fair Tax conditions, so tax avoiders cannot benefit from a public purse that they haven’t paid into.

A football shirt reading RIP Bury FC

Solidarity and reform are the only way that football will survive coronavirus

The Co-operative Party has long campaigned for better governance in sport, and that fans should have a greater role in owning and running their clubs. Covid-19 has been a shock for many clubs - especially those smaller and lower league clubs who play a vital community role. For the game to survive, fundamental reform will be needed.