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Co-operating at Leicester Pride

The Pride Movement has blossomed over the last decade with even the more remote parts of the nation hosting their own annual Pride event. Accordingly Pride events provide a "not to be missed" opportunity for Labour and Co-operative to reach out to the public in a relaxed atmosphere.

a person working on a solar panel

A Labour and Co-operative government will unleash the power of community energy.

As a Labour and Co-operative candidate, I know our movement has long championed the community-owned energy sector, and working in partnership with the Labour Party we can finally realise our ambition of giving people a genuine stake and say in the green energy sector of the future.

man in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on white and black solar panel

Co-operative Councils Should Embrace Local Climate Bonds

Local Climate Bonds empower residents to invest with their council in local climate solutions which speaks to our core Co-operative Party values — helping to share power and the wealth created from climate investments among local residents.