Why I’m standing as Labour and Co-operative this May.

I’m really proud to tell people that I’m standing on a joint Labour and Co-operative ticket. They’ve been curious to learn about the relationship between the two parties, as well as our belief in shared wealth and power.

We’re committing to proactively working to end modern slavery in Birmingham

Seeking to reduce the risk and harm of modern slavery as a local authority is something that we’ve been committed to for some time. One of the ways in which we do so is by looking closely at our supply chains and procurement practices.

People Powered Climate Action

Truly, there isn’t a problem facing local government today to which there isn’t a co-operative solution. That’s as much the reality for our climate crisis, which councils are increasingly recognising, as it is for anything else we councillors are facing.

Not Part of the Job

Join us at Labour Party Conference, as we discuss the growing issue of violence in our shops and communities.

Labour & Co-operative Gain

The local elections are still a few weeks away for many Labour & Co-op Candidates, but Christopher Foxon has already been elected.

Bedford campaigns for a Labour & Co-operative Mayor

The Labour and Co-operative Parties, as two of the most powerful and successful social movements in the country, have a fantastic and exciting opportunity in the weeks ahead to make the case for our shared values, principles and politics.

Transforming Rochdale by building community wealth the co-operative way

In Rochdale, anchor institutions are coming together to build community wealth and grow their local co-operative economy. This case study explores how their initiative, Rochdale Stronger Together, is creating the jobs that people want, the services that they need, communities where people want to live and opportunities for young people to aspire and achieve.

Help us deliver food justice

We need to work to restore common decency for all and that starts with the fight for food justice. Help us to make it happen.

A new era of co-operation in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has a proud tradition of co-operation and an already thriving co-operative sector. The launching of the Co-operative Commission is another important step towards building a better, stronger and more co-operative society.