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Glasgow’s Labour and Co-operative Councillors are calling on all 15 MSPs who represent the city to tackle food poverty by urgently backing the “Right to Food” today.

Today, Wednesday 20th March, is the final day for Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant gathering support from across the Scottish Parliament for her proposed Right to Food (Scotland) Bill.

Glasgow Labour Group’s Food Champion, Councillor Sharon Greer is leading growing calls from dozens of colleagues across the city in writing to all Glasgow MSPs encouraging them to back the Bill. 8 Members of the Scottish Parliament are elected individually to represent each local constituency while a further 7 MSPs cover the wider Glasgow city.

Councillor Greer, who represents the city’s North East council ward, said: “Councillors in Glasgow are joining together in asking our MSPs to take action and help those suffering from food poverty across the city.”

“It is a disgrace that in 2024 there are so many in Glasgow who are struggling to feed their families. The most recent statistics from the Trussell Trust show that last year they distributed 33,405 food parcels in Glasgow, from a total of 259,744 throughout Scotland.”

“Last year (April 2022 to March 2023) Trussell Trust’s 15 foodbank centres across Glasgow distributed a shocking 13,052 food parcels for children and 20,353 for adults in that citywide total.”

“Trussell Trust’s statistics reflect only those food parcels distributed from their own network, but there are many more independent foodbanks across the city, so we know the number is far higher than this now.”

“The Right to Food Bill proposed by Rhoda Grant MSP would incorporate the right to food in Scots law. It would seek to place duties on the Scottish Government to ensure that, now and in future, food is accessible to people – financially and geographically – and that food is adequate in terms of nutrition, safety and cultural appropriateness.”

“The Bill requires cross-party support to go forward and today, Wednesday 20th March, is the final day for gathering support from MSPs. We hope that all Glasgow MSPs will please consider signing the Bill, ensuring that the case to end food poverty in Scotland is heard in the Scottish Parliament.”

Scottish Labour and Co-operative Councillor Stephen Curran is among growing numbers backing the call.

He commented: “I am keen to support Councillor Greer in encouraging all Glasgow MSPs to back this Bill.”

“There is great support from local foodbanks, such as those run by volunteers at Auldhouse Community Church and Helping Hands in Carnwadric Parish Church. They will always help those struggling to put food on the table, but all politicians must do more.”

“Rising numbers are suffering with the cost-of-living crisis and steep inflation on food. The proposed Right to Food Bill helps tackle that. We hope that all Glasgow MSPs will consider backing this final call today. If there is enough support from across the Scottish Parliament, this vital action against food poverty takes the next step to become law.”

Time is running out, but we hope that as many people as possible will join these Glasgow councillors and ask their MSPs to support Rhoda Grant’s Bill.