NEC Election 2023

Karen Wilkie
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12th December 2022
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7th February 2023
8th February 2023
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The nominations deadline for the NEC has been extended to midnight on 12 February.


Elections to the Co-operative Party National Executive Committee take place every three years.  Members elected in 2023 (and at subsequent by-elections) will serve from June until the next NEC is elected in 2026.

If you are considering seeking election to the NEC, please read the guidance carefully, together with the NEC Handbook and Code of Conduct, to ensure that you meet the criteria and know what is expected of a member of the NEC.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen Wilkie, Board Secretary at

See below for the membership of the NEC. For this election to the NEC for 2023-26, we are inviting members to self-nominate for the national, regional, BAME, (dis)Ability, LGBTQ+, Youth and elected representative places.

Self-nominations will open 12 December 2022.  The closing date is 12 February 2022.  Nominations must be submitted via the Civica website.

After the closing date, there will be hustings meetings on Zoom (one per election, organised centrally) and valid nominations for the eleven national and regional places will be forwarded to party councils and branches to enable them to submit supporting nominations.

Each party council and branch may make up to two supporting nominations, at least one of which must be for a woman.

Membership of the NEC
One each from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales
Eight from England
One each - BAME, (dis)Ability, LGBTQ+ networks
One youth representative
Two members appointed by the Co-operative Group
Two members elected by retail Societies other than the Co-operative Group
One member elected by other non-retail Societies and affiliates.
Two members of the Westminster Parliamentary Group
Two members elected by and from official Co-operative Party elected representatives other than the Westminster Parliamentary Group
Supporting nominations from Party Councils and Branches
Other rules & guidance
Action Points
For more information

Karen Wilkie, Board Secretary

Karen Wilkie