We did it!


Thanks to support from Scottish Co-operative Party members and others we have convinced enough MSPs to support Rhoda Grant MSP’s Bill on the Right to Food.  Therefore, the Bill will be able to move forward in the Scottish Parliament.


The founders of our movement would be astonished that food poverty exists in a wealthy country like Scotland in 2024.


The Bill would enshrine the Right to Food in Scots Law and appointment an agency to ensure that this ‘right’ was being recoognised by policy makers.


Families should have the right to access good quality, nutritious and appropriate food.  This Bill would allow that to happen.


We expect the Bill to make progress through the Scottish Parliament later in the year and in the first instance we will be looking for MSPs to support the Bill at Stage 1.


We will continue to campaign for food justice and for the Right to Food to be enshrined in Scots Law.