Building Local Ownership – Co-operative Party
Building Local Ownership
We believe in giving everyone a meaningful say and stake in the world around them. 

As co-operators, we know that when everyone has agency and a voice in their local community, we all benefit – and when our voice isn’t heard and our communities have no stake in their future, it hurts everyone.

Empowered communities means thriving high streets. It means a fairer economy with better jobs and profits reinvested in the things we care about, instead of funnelled to the top. It means responsive services, accountable policies and institutions and above all, investing in the things that matter to us.

At the Co-operative Party we know that local ownership has the power to save vital community assets or create new vibrant spaces. Together, we are Building Local Ownership.

What is Local Ownership?

Simply put, local ownership means communities coming together to buy at-risk pubs, shops and other community assets in order to revive or repurpose them in a way that benefits the community.

Far too many high streets have empty, boarded up buildings that quickly become an eyesore. They may wait years, becoming increasingly dilapidated and vandalised, before eventually being bought by large companies who often have little interest in any long-term benefit to the community.

Local Ownership changes that, putting the people who live in the community in the driving seat.

What role does the Co-operative Party have?

At the Co-operative Party, we know that building local ownership has the power to save vital community assets and create vibrant new spaces. It can be the difference between a thriving high street and one struggling to meet the needs of the community.

Our campaign focuses on the individual needs of the areas in which they're based, which is why we're pushing for:

  • A new Community Right to Buy, including first refusal on assets of community value, and long-term vacant high street properties and the right to force a sale on land or buildings which are in a state of significant disrepair.
  • A High Street Buyout Fund, which would act to purchase important empty high street spaces and transfer them into community ownership.
  • Support for Community Improvement Districts, which would provide opportunities for community stakeholders to participate in operational and strategic decision-making for their neighbourhoods.
  • Replacing business rates with a fairer level of taxation to support bricks and mortar businesses.

How can Party members get involved?

Co-operative members and supporters can get involved and help us achieve this change by taking an active role: