Many of us have been reminded of the value that our parks and public spaces bring to communities in recent weeks whilst so much of our daily lives has been closed. But a new report by Fields in Trust published today, in partnership with the Co-op Group, warned that hundreds of thousands of people could be about to lose their access to green space over the next five years. 

That’s why we’re working not only to protect parks, but all the assets that make a community special, including community centres, allotments, loosand even pubs. 

Love It? List It! is the Co-operative Party’s new campaign to list new Assets of Community Value. These are the places people love that they want to preserve for the community’s use in the years to come. And here’s our quick guide on how the process works. 

1) Map your existing community assets

This is your chance to find the places your community really cares about, from pubs and playing fields to parks and community centres. Groups in England can nominate a new Asset of Community Value in the area where they live. This will mean it has some protection from sale for five years. 

2) Check with your council

Your local council will have a list of all the Assets of Community Value in your area, which you can check on their website. You can also use the Keep It In The Community postcode search to help. If the asset you want to list isn’t listed already, you’re ready to start – submit the details to us.

3) Get your signatures

We’ll create a petition page you can share with friends, neighbours, and community groups online. This will allow you to gather the 21 signatures from households in your local area, an important first step to creating a group which can list an ACV alongside filling in the required forms. 

4) Submit the names and the forms to your local authority

Summit the appropriate forms and the online signatures to your local authority, and after a quick approval process, your new listing should be added to the council’s register. Congratulations! You’ve successfully listed a community asset which gives it an element of protection for five years 

Don’t forget, just 21 people can come together to form a group who can can list as many assets as you think need protecting.

Protect our public spaces