Close the loophole
on bee-killing pesticides

As you might have noticed from our logo, the Co-operative Party are quite fond of bees.

But bees aren’t just a symbol of the co-operative movement: a healthy bee population is essential to our food chain, our ecosystem and our planet.

That’s why last year, when the Government announced it would use a loophole to temporarily allow the “emergency” use of banned bee-killing pesticides by sugar farmers, we fought until the Government reversed its decision.

But that loophole is still on the statute books, and the Government used it again in 2022. They have already said they “anticipate” that the emergency authorisations loophole – which allows bee-killing pesticides to be used – may be “needed” again in 2023. A ban isn't a ban if the Government is able to circumvent it year on year.

We need to take action now, before our crucial British bee population is threatened again. Join us now in calling on the Government to close the bee-killing loophole and end the use of “emergency authorisations” of bee-killing pesticides.

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Bee Loophole

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