Support Fair Tax and those that are #ProudToPay – Co-operative Party

Support Fair Tax and those that are #ProudToPay

In 2017, Britain's top 5 co-operatives paid more UK tax than Amazon, Facebook, Apple, eBay and Starbucks combined. It isn't fair that in an economy that benefits us all, some aren't paying their fair share. That's why we're supporting the Fair Tax Mark and those businesses that are #ProudToPay.

General Secretary Claire McCarthy and Labour & Co-op MP Seema Malhotra

It’s time for fairness in our tax system

The Co-operative Party believes that the economy should work for the benefit of us all, rather than private profit alone. That includes recognising companies who pay their fair share of tax.

When we all pay our fair share, our society is able to provide good quality, well-resourced public services such as the NHS, school provision for our kids, police services and social care for our elders.

Unfortunately there are many businesses that through tax avoidance and tax havens avoid paying their fair share in taxation.

Through the wider adoption of the Fair Tax Mark, we can recognise those businesses that are #ProudToPay.

What is the Fair Tax Mark?

I Love Fair Tax

The Fair Tax Mark identifies those businesses that pay their fair share from those who do not. It’s been dubbed the ‘new Fairtrade’ as the latest standard for ethically-minded consumer.

From July 6th to July 14th, organisations and businesses across the UK will mark Fair Tax Week. Celebrating the positive contributions to our society made when everyone pays their fair share of tax, the week will also seek to highlight the Fair Tax Mark.

What is the Co-operative Party’s record on fair tax?

The Co-operative Party was the first political party to achieve the Fair Tax Mark in April 2016.

Additionally, our Labour & Co-operative councillors were successful in changing government procurement guidance for councils, so that a company’s tax record must be made a key consideration.

I support fairness in our tax system

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