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Charter Against Modern Slavery


Modern Slavery is one of the great evils of our time and it’s happening under our noses. In nail bars, factories and restaurants, it is estimated that tens of thousands of people in the UK could be victims.

Collectively, local authorities spend more than £40bn per year procuring goods and services our behalf. From cleaning to construction, councils can do business with hundreds of different suppliers. We need to ensure no suppliers are making use of exploitation, and that our taxpayer money isn't funding modern slavery.

Over 100 councils have now signed our Modern Slavery Charter, committing councils to working with their larger contractors to eradicate modern slavery from their supply chain.

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We've created this template to help you write to your council leader. You can simply add your name and email then hit send, but we encourage you to edit the template message and let your council leader know why this issue matters to you!

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