Stand up for a BBC owned by its viewers, staff and listeners

An alien doctor who jets around time and space in a police box. David Attenborough taking us to places we’d never imagined existed. Kate Adie bearing witness from Bosnia and Rwanda. Michael Fish telling us not to worry the night before the Great Storm, and Fearne Cotton getting us through the morning.

Through the good times and the bad, the BBC has been there for us. Like the NHS, it’s one of the institutions that make us proud to be British, and which is the envy of the World. It’s part of who we are.

It’s ours.

  • The BBC faces massive changes to its funding and structure. The Government’s consultation on the BBC’s charter renewal closed in early October, and it is expected to publish its feedback in early 2016. Our call is simple:
  • We as licence fee payers should have a say and a stake in the Corporation’s direction via the BBC Trust. It’s us, not ministers or opaque committees who should determine its future.
    We need a BBC that is accountable to the people who pay for it, and which is independent of politicians and political interference.

Licence-fee payers should be made individual members of the BBC Trust, and treated as such, with greater say over how it is run and the service it provides.
In coming months, we’ll be campaigning for a People’s BBC, and outlining how it could work in practice, in advance of the government publishing a set of ways forward for the BBC in early 2016. We’ve also written a piece for LabourList setting out the case in more detail.

If you’re with us, and would like to be part of it as the campaign takes shape, sign up, and we’ll keep you updated.

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