Ask your Council to stand up to tax avoiders

Billions are missing from our public purse because some companies avoid paying corporation tax. Not only does this mean that less money is available for public services, but that smaller local businesses can’t compete.

At every level of Government, we need to tackle tax avoidance and promote businesses who pay their fair share – starting in your local area.

Collectively, local authorities spend more than £40bn per year procuring goods and services our behalf. From cleaning to construction, councils can do business with hundreds of different suppliers. We want councils to be able to embed fair taxes into their procurement requirements – so your taxpayer money doesn't go to businesses who avoid paying their fair share.

Right now, councils can lead by example, demand greater transparency, and promote local businesses who do pay their fair share.

Add your name now to ask your local council to stand up for responsible tax conduct, support the Fair Tax Mark and sign the Councils for Fair Tax declaration.

Fair Tax Councils (Public)

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