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The Household Support Fund helps vulnerable people with the cost of essentials like their food, water and energy bills. Last winter, Councils handed out nearly £500 million in cash, vouchers and other support, with over 80% of funding going to families with children.

Yet despite the fact that prices have risen extraordinarily over the past year and energy bills look set to double, the UK Government has not increased the amount of funding allocated to the scheme extension this winter. The Government has also added strict criteria about how the funding must be divided, with a third going to families with children, a third going to pensioners, and a third to everyone else – regardless of local demographics and of who needs the support most.

We're calling on the Government to double the funding available over the winter from £500m to £1 billion, and to remove spending criteria so that Councils can allocate the money based on who needs it most in their local community, not arbitrary Government targets.

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