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Community energy, where local communities own and profit from renewable energy projects in their local area, is already helping to power nearly 200,000 homes across the country with clean, green energy.

Is your community already benefitting from community energy? Use our Local Power Locator now to find out if there are any community energy schemes in your local area – and if not, ask your MP to call on the new Energy Secretary to do more to support community energy.

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    Community energy has the potential to transform who owns and benefits from energy production in the UK, but the sector needs more support from the Government. Will you ask your MP to raise this issue with the new Energy Secretary?

    To write to your MP about this issue, add your name and email to this form and press send. We have provided a template response which you can edit if you wish.

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    Note: Some Community Energy groups run multiple types of schemes, from wind turbines to solar farms. Each scheme is listed individually and tagged with its scheme type, based on information sourced from Community Energy England, July 2023. Are we missing a scheme in your area? Email mail@party.coop and let us know, and we’ll update our database.Data sourced with thanks from Community Energy England, July 2023. Promoted by Joe Fortune on behalf of the Co-operative Party, both at Unit 13, 83 Crampton Street, London, SE17 3BQ, United Kingdom. Co-operative Party Limited is a registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Registered no. 30027R