No more delay: Appoint a modern slavery watchdog


Since the Modern Slavery Act became law, it has been a legal requirement for the Government to appoint an Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner to oversee work done to identify and protect modern slavery victims in the UK.

Yet for nearly a year, there has been no Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner in place, as the Government failed to appoint a successor when the previous Commissioner left the post.

In fact, in January, Home Secretary Suella Braverman scrapped the entire year-long recruitment process – further delaying the filling of this crucial role.

While the role has been empty, the Government has rushed through changes to the law which critics say will make it more difficult to identify and help potential victims of modern slavery. The Home Secretary has been accused of purposely leaving the role unfilled to avoid scrutiny while those controversial changes were pushed through.

Modern slavery is one of the true evils of our times, and slavery victims need and deserve an independent watchdog. Will you join us and sign our petition calling on the Home Secretary to immediately take steps to appoint an Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner?

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