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Although around 9.7m people (17.1%) in the UK live in rural areas according to DEFRA, issues of rural poverty and poor infrastructure have rarely been given the much-needed attention by the Government they deserve. Our rural economies have been left struggling after the impact of COVID-19 coming on top of years of cutbacks, our high quality food producers being undercut in trade deals, and uncertainty over the Government’s new environmental support schemes.

Co-operatives form a significant part of the rural economy in this country – some of the largest co-operatives are in the agricultural sector with a turnover of over £7bn according to the 2021 Co-op Economy report. With the right support, we could help this sector can grow even more.

That is why we have launched a Rural Commission: bringing together the best ideas for how the co-operative movement can contribute to our rural life.



Lord Steve Bassam (Chair)


Joe Joseph

Liz Pole

Liz Pole


Baroness Barbara Young


Cllr Brenda Weston


Baroness Sue Hayman

David Drew

David Drew

Final Report


You can read the Rural Commission's final report by clicking the button below.

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