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As you might have noticed from our logo, the Co-op Party are quite fond of bees.

But bees aren't just a symbol of the co-operative movement. They are essential to our ecosystem and food chain, and that's why Co-op Party MP and Shadow Environment Secretary Luke Pollard has written this letter to the Prime Minister, calling on the Government to reverse their move to lift the ban on bee-killing pesticides.

Bee health is non-negotiable. Will you join Luke and co-sign this letter to #SaveTheBees?

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Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Prime Minister,

From sustaining pollination and the biodiversity of nature, to the overall wellbeing of the environment, a healthy bee population is essential to the future of our planet.

Sadly, since 1900 the UK has lost 13 out of 35 native bee species, and the domestic population is once again threatened by the Government’s decision to lift the ban on bee-killing pesticides. You whipped your MPs to defend lifting the ban when Labour tabled an amendment to protect bees in the Environment Bill debate in January.

Bee-health is non-negotiable, and allowing bee-killing pesticides to be used again could have a catastrophic impact on our environment. We are in a climate and ecological emergency and bans to protect bees should not be lifted when they become inconvenient.

We urge you to think again, and ask that you use the delay in this legislation to maintain the ban on neonicotinoid pesticides and help save our essential bee population.

Yours in co-operation,

Luke Pollard MP
Shadow Environment Secretary and Labour & Co-operative MP for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport  

22624 people have co-signed this letter so far out of our 20000 signatures goal. Will you be the 0 person to co-sign the letter?

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