Building a Fairer Scotland

The Co-operative Party wants to build a fairer country, where wealth and power are shared. Our policy platform sets out the ideas needed to make this happen – and we want to see these at the top of the House of Commons to-do list.

We are developing challenging and radical ideas for the next Scottish Parliament elections in 2021 – but we also recognise that a UK Government committed to promoting the co-operative ideal is good for Scotland and will help to deliver our goal of building a Fairer Scotland.

Click a box below to read the 12 ways we'll be building a fairer Scotland.

Building a Fairer ECONOMY

Building a Fairer DEMOCRACY

Building a Fairer WORKPLACE

Building a Fairer ENVIRONMENT

Building Fairer COMMUNITIES

Building a Fairer WORLD

How you can build a fairer Scotland

The general election is fast approaching on 12th December, so to make these ideas reality, we need as many people as possible to add their name to our campaign and help us elect as many Scottish Labour & Co-operative Candidates as possible.

We'll keep you updated on how you can get involved and build a fairer Scotland where power and wealth are shared.

We also need funds and people to power our Co-operative Campaigns: chipping in £10 or joining the Party from just £2.15 a month can make all the difference.

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