Modern slavery – Co-operative Party

In Parliament playing a leading role in the fight against Modern Slavery

From Parliamentary Committees to the floor of the Commons, to the House of Lords and into communities across the country, the Co-operative Party is playing a leading role in the fight against Modern Slavery.

We're standing up for survivors, strengthening enforcement of existing laws and ensuring no place to hide in local authority supply chains. Join us.

In local government tackling Modern Slavery in council supply chains


Commit to ensuring that there's nowhere to hide for modern slavery in your council's supply chain by joining the growing number of local authorities who have signed the Co-operative Party Charter Against Modern Slavery.

Is my council implementing the Modern Slavery Charter?

See if your council in England and Scotland is implementing the Charter.

Different legislation exists in Wales and Northern Ireland. Areas marked in blue have either signed or passed our motion (or both).

Where the area is orange, the motion has debated the issue in council and the motion has been referred on to Cabinet or a committee for further consideration.

Where the area is light blue/teal the council has passed a motion inspired by our Charter.

News Coverage of the Charter

To report a case of Modern Slavery

Call 08000 121 700 to get help, report a suspicion or seek advice.