Ed Balls

Labour and Co-operative MP for Morley and Outwood, and Shadow Chancellor
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Ed Balls is the Labour & Co-operative MP for Morley and Outwood and Shadow Chancellor.

He was previously MP for Normanton (2005-2010) and Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary (2010-11), Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (2007-2010) and Economic Secretary to the Treasury (2006-2007).

Ed is proud to be a member of Unite, Unison and the Co-operative Party. Born in Norwich in 1967, his family moved to Nottingham when Ed was 8. He attended Crossdale Drive primary school and then Nottingham High School. Ed went on to study at Keble College, Oxford, and the John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard.

Ed has been a teaching fellow in the Department of Economics, Harvard (1989-90) and a columnist for the Financial Times, Guardian, New Statesman and Tribune. Ed is married to Yvette Cooper MP. They have three children – Ellie, Joe and Maddy – and live in Castleford. His interests include music, cooking and playing football with his children.


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  • Co-operative Party Gala Dinner 2013 with Ed Balls MP (8 May 2013)
    Event registration for Co-operative Party Gala Dinner 2013 powered by Eventbrite
  • Credit union reform initiated by Ed Balls finally passed (8 Nov 2011)
    Today Parliament finally approved changes to legislation which will free up credit unions to reach many more members, including community groups and businesses. A Legislative Reform Order, which makes changes to the Credit Unions Act 1979, has been approved by Parliament and new rules that enable credit unions to compete more effectively with banks and […]
  • Twigg to Education, Thomas now Shadow Minister for Co-ops (10 Oct 2011)
    Several Co-operative MPs, including some elected to Parliament in 2010, have featured prominently in Ed Miliband’s reshuffle of the shadow frontbench team over the weekend. Joining Ed Balls MP and Lord Steve Bassam in Shadow Cabinet will be Stephen Twigg, Labour & Co-operative MP for Liverpool West Derby since 2010 and now Shadow Education Secretary. […]
  • The co-operative week in Westminster (16 Sep 2011)
    Parliamentary Officer Joe Fortune rounds up the latest from Parliament with the work of Co-operative Parliamentarians. This regular column will briefly round up some of the important or noteworthy pieces of Parliamentary activity and business for co-operators each week. It will highlight the work being done by Co-operative Party MPs and co-operators in Westminster. Of […]
  • After long delay, credit union reform finally given time by Coalition (26 Jul 2011)
    A long-awaited Legislative Reform Order to modernise credit union law has finally been laid by the Conservative-led Government after a delay of more than a year since the general election. The Order – a piece of legislation that does not have to go through the full Parliamentary process – will also allow credit unions to […]
  • We must protect our precious NHS: my column in the Morley Observer (23 Apr 2014)
    A local nurse from Drighlington came to see me at one of my surgeries in Morley last week concerned about the impact of changes in our local health services. “Nurses are demoralised,” she told me, “they feel as though their professionalism is being undermined.”
  • Labour’s plan will tackle the cost-of-living crisis which out of touch Tories want to tell us is over – my Guardian article (15 Apr 2014)
    Over the coming weeks we can expect ministers to start telling us that the cost of living crisis is over. Will people buy it? I don’t think so. Because for most families in Britain today such a declaration, on the back of a handful of economic statistics, will only confirm just how out of touch this government is. First, while growth [...]
  • This year I enjoyed every minute – my blog on the 2014 London Marathon (14 Apr 2014)
    I had my normal array of memorable moments. Standing at the start jostling for position with giant bottles of Buxton water and Lucozade. Being brushed by a bare-bottomed mankini-wearer. A brief chat with the London Pride beer bottle before he sped off at mile five. And while many hundreds of people just shouted out "Ed Balls", it was the woman who yelled out: "Oh look, it's Ed Davey" that I will never forget.
  • Politically Speaking in the Wakefield Express (11 Apr 2014)
    with times still tough for too many local families and pensioners, getting more investment into our local economy from big companies like Coke, as well as from successful small businesses, is vital. Because only by securing more business investment, with backing from Government, can we tackle the cost of living crisis and secure a recovery for everyone, not just a few.
  • My Column in the Morley Observer (9 Apr 2014)
    A local dad called my office last week at his wits end. He told us he had nowhere left to turn and no food in the cupboard for his kids. And he asked: “how do I contact a food bank?” Over the last couple of years foodbank collections have become an all too familiar site in [...]
  • Team Ed Balls ran 10k for Wakefield Hospice and raised over £1,000 (8 Apr 2014)
    Wakefield Hospice does such amazing work for people in our area. And I’m always keen to support them however I can. A few years back they persuaded me to abseil down Wakefield Cathedral to raise money - one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done. A few weeks back they got in touch to ask for help with some fundraising and I tentatively asked how I could help.