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Meg Hillier

Labour & Co-operative MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch
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Meg Hillier MP has been Labour & Co-operative MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch since 2005 and was previously a borough councillor and member of the London Assembly.

Meg was Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change 2010-11 and chaired the Parliamentary Group of Co-operative MPs 2010/11.

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  • [Albert Owen in the Chair] — Affordable Housing (London) (9 Sep 2015)
    Meg Hillier: In the four minutes or so I have available, I want to acknowledge the comments made by my hon. Friend the Member for Southwark-[Interruption.] Sorry, my hon. Friend the Member for Dulwich and West Norwood (Helen Hayes), who represents the borough of Southwark, because she painted exactly the picture in my constituency. She laid out very comprehensively the financial challenges of...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Justice: Topical Questions (8 Sep 2015)
    Meg Hillier: The National Audit Office, the Public Accounts Committee and the Select Committee on Justice have been critical of the Government’s lack of understanding of the knock-on costs of their reforms to legal aid. Is it not now time that the Government reviewed them to ensure that cost shunting does not happen and that effective justice is available to those who need it?
  • Written Answers — Ministry of Justice: Legal Aid Scheme (8 Sep 2015)
    Meg Hillier: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, what steps he is taking to ensure that people eligible for legal aid are able to access such aid.
  • Superfast Broadband — [Mark Pritchard in the Chair] (24 Jun 2015)
    Meg Hillier: The Minister will also be aware that the Public Accounts Committee called for local government and BT to make further information available-including, critically, information about the speed of service. Is he content that his Government have done that?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Work and Pensions: Topical Questions (22 Jun 2015)
    Meg Hillier: The Minister has just extolled the virtues of his Department’s support for people with mental health problems, but in reality we know that too many people with mental health issues are coming through the Work programme and not getting work. Is it not time that, for the benefit of those people and of the taxpayer, some of his Department’s money was devolved to local areas so those...
  • Recruitment and Retention of Teachers (18 Jun 2015)
    Meg Hillier: I wish to bring the Minister back to the issue of housing costs in London. Is he having discussions with other Departments about how we can address the fact that teachers on these salaries are still a long way from being able to rent in London, let alone buy a property?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: National Pollinator Strategy (18 Jun 2015)
    Meg Hillier: I recommend to the Minister Hoxton Manor honey, which is made by the many urban beekeepers who are now based in my constituency. Production there has mushroomed in the last decade; indeed, my first piece of casework involved a beekeeper. Does the Minister agree that we need to encourage more urban beekeeping to ensure that we have a good ecosystem in our inner cities as well as elsewhere?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Saving and Home Ownership (16 Jun 2015)
    Meg Hillier: The Minister talks about housing topping the charts in Milton Keynes, but in my constituency we are in danger of topping the charts in house prices, with the average price now £606,000. That is being fuelled in part by overseas buyers who purchase a property and either rent it out or do not live there. Have the Government any plans to tackle this and help my constituents get on the...
  • Business of the House (11 Jun 2015)
    Meg Hillier: We have already heard this morning of concerns about broadband, and those concerns are shared by all parties in all parts of the UK. The Leader of the House has already indicated that there is Government time available on 25 June. There are new Secretaries of State for Culture, Media and Sport and for Business, Innovation and Skills. Is this not a perfect opportunity for the Leader of the...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Transport: Topical Questions (11 Jun 2015)
    Meg Hillier: This week we have heard further reports of delays to the decisions about another runway in London. Will the Secretary of State comment on when he thinks that the Government will finally make a decision about whether to have a third runway at Heathrow?