Meg Hillier

Labour & Co-operative MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch
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Meg Hillier MP has been Labour & Co-operative MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch since 2005 and was previously a borough councillor and member of the London Assembly.

Meg was Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change 2010-11 and chaired the Parliamentary Group of Co-operative MPs 2010/11.

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  • Lack of positive measures for co-ops in Queen’s Speech (10 May 2012)
    Parliamentary Officer Joe Fortune considers yesterday’s Queen’s Speech but sees little good news for co-operatives. Following the local election results, the Coalition Government briefed that they were ready to re-launch their partnership for power. The subsequent Queen’s Speech was to act as the clarion call for the Government’s priorities for the coming legislative term. The fifteen […]
  • “Co-op housing will be a central plank of Labour’s housing policies in the next manifesto” (28 Nov 2011)
    Last Wednesday, co-operators gathered in Westminster with Labour's Shadow Housing Minister to discuss Labour & Co-operative MP Jonathan Reynolds’ private members bill on co-operative housing tenure, reports Daniel Carey-Dawes.
  • Event: Co-operative Housing, 23 November, Westminster (27 Oct 2011)
    Whilst the UK’s housing stock only comprises of 0.6% co-operative housing, the European average is 15% with some countries such as Turkey and Norway having as much as 25% of housing being owned and run by co-ops. This country is one of the few that does not recognise co-operative housing in law. That’s why we […]
  • The co-operative week in Westminster (16 Sep 2011)
    Parliamentary Officer Joe Fortune rounds up the latest from Parliament with the work of Co-operative Parliamentarians. This regular column will briefly round up some of the important or noteworthy pieces of Parliamentary activity and business for co-operators each week. It will highlight the work being done by Co-operative Party MPs and co-operators in Westminster. Of […]
  • LabourList takeover: Meg Hillier – Today, we fight for the people shivering under blankets (9 Sep 2011)
    Today the Co-op Party meets against a backcloth of rising prices for gas and electricity. As the temperature drops, millions will start to see their energy prices spiral out of their reach. They will face the terrible choice between staying warm and running up debts, and turning off the heating despite plummeting temperatures. Those on […]
  • Meg Hillier: Trust in the future – how Labour will tackle climate change (15 Jul 2011)
    Meg Hillier MP, Shadow Energy & Climate Change Secretary and Chair of the Co-operative Parliamentary Group, gave a speech to BusinessGreen tonight. In her speech, Meg outlined Labour’s commitment to a green economy and green jobs, reducing energy dependence and helping people with rising energy prices. She advocated renewables especially on-shore wind and, above all, […]
  • Meg Hillier: The Co-operative Party in Westminster: Who we are, and what we do (11 Sep 2010)
    The Co-operative Party is the second largest opposition party in parliament with 28 MPs. Each of them is, of course, also a Labour MP. As a group we are keen to bring our distinctive and radical policy agenda to help shape the policies of the current government and of the opposition. We have a talented […]
  • Business of the House: Local Government Finance (18 Dec 2014)
    Meg Hillier: Even a borough such as mine in Hackney, which is extremely well run by Mayor Jules Pipe, will face enormous cuts in the future. The poorest of my constituents who are already finding life very hard will be squeezed until the pips squeak when social services and other budgets have to face the brunt of these cuts. How can the Minister come to this House and say that this is a good settlement...
  • Energy and Climate Change: UK Anti-corruption Plan (18 Dec 2014)
    Meg Hillier: Many Nigerians I meet are very positive about the steps the UK is taking to tackle corruption. The James Ibori conviction was hailed both by the diaspora and by many in Nigeria. Will the Minister explain how the plan will help more such cases come to court and tackle corruption with this important partner?
  • Energy and Climate Change: A and E and Ambulance Services (18 Dec 2014)
    Meg Hillier: The Secretary of State has accused Opposition Members of political scaremongering. Perhaps I should refer him to the Public Accounts Committee’s report on out-of-hours services, which showed cost-shunting to the ambulance service by out-of-hours providers, and to our recent hearing on A and E, which revealed an incredible waste of public money and a lack of joined-up thinking. That is...
  • Public Bill Committee: Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Bill: Clause 1 - Registers of persons seeking to acquire land to build a home (17 Dec 2014)
    Meg Hillier: One of the big brakes on both bigger house builders, including housing associations, and small builders is the length of time involved. A purchaser cannot get a mortgage a long way in advance of the building being completed. Does my hon. Friend have comments on what she may be doing on that?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: Employment Statistics (9 Dec 2014)
    Meg Hillier: Many people in my constituency who are in work are trapped in low-paid minimum wage jobs. Often they are not able to add to the hours that they work in order to earn more, and they rely on the state for prop-ups with housing benefit and tax credits. When will the Chief Secretary to the Treasury understand the cost of living crisis in the country, and what will the Government do about it?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport: Broadband (27 Nov 2014)
    Meg Hillier: Even in the tech hub at the heart of my constituency we have huge challenges with broadband, as the Minister knows. One of the main barriers to having high speeds everywhere is the fact that competitors are unable to put their equipment on buildings without the permission of the landowner. Is it not time for a change in the planning laws? What conversations is he having with his counterparts...
  • Written Answers — Department for Culture Media and Sport: Mobile Phones (20 Nov 2014)
    Meg Hillier: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, on what grounds he decided that the consultation on tackling partial not-spots in mobile telephone coverage should last for three weeks.
  • Housing Market (London) (18 Nov 2014)
    Meg Hillier: I point out that on the Colville estate, which is, coincidentally, opposite the New Era estate, the council is building homes for tenants. It is good quality social housing, just as the Minister described. That is a model for what can be achieved with good local leadership and the right funding, and it delivers long-term affordable homes. Surely the Minister can see that as a model, too....
  • Written Answers — Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Apprentices (11 Nov 2014)
    Meg Hillier: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, how many apprentices have been employed through the employer ownership pilot for apprenticeships; and how much of the £340 million allocated to this pilot has been spent.
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Treasury: London Borough of Tower Hamlets (4 Nov 2014)
    Meg Hillier: I need to declare that my husband works for the Leadership Centre for Local Government. I welcome the Secretary of State’s statement and, in particular, his comments about good mayors. In Hackney, the mayor has done an incredible job of leading Hackney towards becoming one of the best local authorities in the country. I believe that the mayor of Tower Hamlets should resign on the back...