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Meg Hillier

Labour & Co-operative MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch
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Meg Hillier MP has been Labour & Co-operative MP for Hackney South & Shoreditch since 2005 and was previously a borough councillor and member of the London Assembly.

Meg was Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change 2010-11 and chaired the Parliamentary Group of Co-operative MPs 2010/11.

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  • Lack of positive measures for co-ops in Queen’s Speech (10 May 2012)
    Parliamentary Officer Joe Fortune considers yesterday’s Queen’s Speech but sees little good news for co-operatives. Following the local election results, the Coalition Government briefed that they were ready to re-launch their partnership for power. The subsequent Queen’s Speech was to act as the clarion call for the Government’s priorities for the coming legislative term. The fifteen […]
  • “Co-op housing will be a central plank of Labour’s housing policies in the next manifesto” (28 Nov 2011)
    Last Wednesday, co-operators gathered in Westminster with Labour's Shadow Housing Minister to discuss Labour & Co-operative MP Jonathan Reynolds’ private members bill on co-operative housing tenure, reports Daniel Carey-Dawes.
  • Event: Co-operative Housing, 23 November, Westminster (27 Oct 2011)
    Whilst the UK’s housing stock only comprises of 0.6% co-operative housing, the European average is 15% with some countries such as Turkey and Norway having as much as 25% of housing being owned and run by co-ops. This country is one of the few that does not recognise co-operative housing in law. That’s why we […]
  • The co-operative week in Westminster (16 Sep 2011)
    Parliamentary Officer Joe Fortune rounds up the latest from Parliament with the work of Co-operative Parliamentarians. This regular column will briefly round up some of the important or noteworthy pieces of Parliamentary activity and business for co-operators each week. It will highlight the work being done by Co-operative Party MPs and co-operators in Westminster. Of […]
  • LabourList takeover: Meg Hillier – Today, we fight for the people shivering under blankets (9 Sep 2011)
    Today the Co-op Party meets against a backcloth of rising prices for gas and electricity. As the temperature drops, millions will start to see their energy prices spiral out of their reach. They will face the terrible choice between staying warm and running up debts, and turning off the heating despite plummeting temperatures. Those on […]
  • Meg Hillier: Trust in the future – how Labour will tackle climate change (15 Jul 2011)
    Meg Hillier MP, Shadow Energy & Climate Change Secretary and Chair of the Co-operative Parliamentary Group, gave a speech to BusinessGreen tonight. In her speech, Meg outlined Labour’s commitment to a green economy and green jobs, reducing energy dependence and helping people with rising energy prices. She advocated renewables especially on-shore wind and, above all, […]
  • Meg Hillier: The Co-operative Party in Westminster: Who we are, and what we do (11 Sep 2010)
    The Co-operative Party is the second largest opposition party in parliament with 28 MPs. Each of them is, of course, also a Labour MP. As a group we are keen to bring our distinctive and radical policy agenda to help shape the policies of the current government and of the opposition. We have a talented […]
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Education: Careers and Enterprise Company (19 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: When I talk to many young people in Hackney, they all tell me they want actual experience in the workplace with an employer, rather than just talks at school. The Government have thrown a lot of money at this. What is the Secretary of State doing to monitor how effective the money is in getting young people socially mobile and moving onward and upward?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Culture, Media and Sport: Mobile Telephone Coverage (15 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: The Secretary of State has taken some bold steps to push mobile telephone companies to increase coverage in not spots. However, even in areas such as mine in Shoreditch, with mobile coverage, wi-fi and broadband, there is a real issue about planning permission for buildings that are tall enough to allow other technologies to flourish. Will he update the House on conversations he is having or...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Terrorist Attacks (Paris) (14 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: Will the Home Secretary update the House on how well the Prevent strategy is working in reaching people at the grass roots who work with young people? Whatever the House does, quite rightly, to protect people’s primary civil liberty-that of life and limb-through new legislation, the security services cannot be everywhere and that network on the ground is most important.
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: Engagements (14 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: We are seeing a meltdown in emergency care, yet the Prime Minister’s Health Secretary accuses us of whipping up a crisis. Is it not time for some honesty? This Government are simply failing our NHS.
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Health: Nuclear Management Partners (Sellafield) (13 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: Three of the world’s top 10 engineering challenges are at Sellafield. As other hon. Members have said, it is a very complex site. Will the Secretary of State ensure that he and his fellow Ministers undertake very complex monitoring to make sure that the value-for-money challenges identified by the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee do not slip again? I mean value...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Health: 111 Calls (13 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: The Public Accounts Committee examined this service in Devon and Cornwall and discovered, as it has in other inquiries, a lot of issues associated with cost shunting, because it does not cost 111 when it tells someone they need to go to hospital in an ambulance. So there have been “impressive figures” on the number of people who did not go to A and E as a result of their call, but...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Defence: Nigeria (12 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: I should declare that I chair the all-party group on Nigeria. Although I do not want to play down the evils of Boko Haram, we know that the security forces and the Nigerian police have themselves caused problems while tackling its actions. I know that the Foreign Office has met the Metropolitan police’s Nigerian police forum-there are nearly 900 Nigerian-origin police officers in...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Prime Minister: A and E (Major Incidents) (7 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: The Secretary of State stood up and said that he takes personal responsibility for everything that happens in the NHS. Given that his Government undertook a costly and time-consuming reorganisation, does he now regret that people took their eye off the ball in relation to the highly predictable population shifts that have led to the pressure on A and E?
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Attorney-General: Domestic Violence (6 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: Last spring in my constituency two women were brutally murdered by their partners within a three-week period, one alongside her toddler daughter. In both cases, families, friends and others in the community were aware that abuse was taking place. Is the Solicitor-General content that evidence gathered by the police from others outside the direct situation is being used effectively and passed...
  • Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department: Migration Target (5 Jan 2015)
    Meg Hillier: Entrepreneurs in Shoreditch to whom I speak greatly welcome migration. The Home Secretary’s colleague the Business Secretary came to an event organised by Tech City News to applaud the input of migrants in Shoreditch, so who is right: the Home Secretary or her colleague the Business Secretary?