I am very proud to be an official Labour & Co-operative candidate – the first ever in Barrow & Furness – because co-op values have always been my values and it is important for me to put them at the heart of my offer to people here. At a time when there is a general distrust in politics and uncertainty over our economy, we can show we are on people’s side by supporting co-operative solutions that are making a real difference on the ground.

The fact is that co-operative and mutual solutions can and do make a real difference to people in constituencies like mine. They are the practical solutions run by Barrow & Furness people, which are changing people’s lives. For example, the Walney Island Credit Union offers an alternative to the loan sharks offering 300% loans on the street, whilst Baywind produces co-operative energy used by the community and The Co-operative Food stores across Furness offer those who use them their share of the profits twice a year.

I am always amazed at the breadth of the co-operative and mutual sector and it is clear from the Co-operative Party’s General Election manifesto that there is huge scope for more co-operative and mutual ideas to become reality so we can move on from the financial collapse to a better, more stable future. These ideas are genuine solutions offering an alternative way of working and if am lucky enough to get elected to Parliament I will do all I can to make these ideas reality as part of Labour’s vision for the future.

John Woodcock
Labour & Co-op PPC for Barrow & Furness

Join Co-op Youth North West on our campaign day with John in his Barrow constituency on Sunday 24th January – e-mail coopyouthnw@googlemail.com or see http://tiny.cc/barrow for more info!