This Monday saw the launch of the Big Energy Saving Week, a great initiative set up by a collaboration between the Citizens Advice Bureau and a whole host of organisations, including the energy companies and Government, with the support also of the Co-operative Group. The week was launched with an event in Parliament, which was well attended by MPs from all sides.

The aim of the week is to help people get the best deal on their bills at a time where people are struggling to make ends meet in the cost of living crisis we are currently experiencing. By raising awareness it is hoped people will learn how to switch to another tariff or supplier if they can get a better price, and vitally giving advice on how to become more energy efficient – a sure fire way to reduce the amount of energy people use.

Local Citizens Advice Bureaux are hosting events and roadshows, and I would urge you to visit to find your nearest one – alongside some great tips to save energy and help control fuel bill price rises.

Of course what is really needed in order to help control energy bill price rise is a resetting of the energy market, which a Labour government will enact if elected in 2015. This Government has shown time and time again they are not willing to stand up to energy companies to protect consumers.

Added to this is the need for greater understand of the importance of energy efficiency, and there is still some distance to go, and I firmly believe it is only us in the Labour Party who are serious about this.