Tudor Evans has led Plymouth City Council as it has become one of the leading co-operative councils in the country.  Along with his colleagues he has set out a vision for Plymouth to be The Brilliant Co-operative Council.  There is a strong commitment to promoting the co-operative model in Plymouth which many other councils could learn from.

Tudor Evans is committed to developing Plymouth as a Co-operative Council and he is clear that this is more than a mere re-brand. It is about changing the ways in which the council works.  As he has said himself, “What makes co-operative councils unique is that we are not only trying to transform our public services but we are doing it in a way that is congruous with co-operative values.”

Embedding values into organisations that have traditionally been top-down and managerially driven is not a simple task but we are making real progress.  From energy co-operatives to campaigns for fairness, from resident-driven services to co-operative economic development, we are showing that co-operative localism has real practical substance. This is not a re-branding exercise it is fundamentally transforming the way we work and the priorities we set, and as we develop our co-operative models, the future can only get more exciting.

It is really good to see Tudor Evans acknowledged as a pioneering leader promoting the co-operative model in local government.  This award is well-deserved and demonstrates the difference which co-operative ideas are making.