This weekend at the Labour Councillors Conference the Co-op Party will be discussing the crisis in social care and hear from those that are trying to build a better care system. We know that the funding shortfall and increased demand is testing for most councils, and even with the social care levy there is an estimated £3.5billion shortfall by 2020.

What is often overlooked is the consequences of a key public service starved of funds. Councils are now trying to manager a commissioning framework that sees almost three quarters of domiciliary care slots lasting less than 30 minutes, high turnover of staff on less secure contracts and 57% of the workforce working for private companies.

Not only is there a need for a discussion about how we fund our adult social care but also how it works, so extra funding doesn’t support a broken privatised system.

The Co-op Party has produced Taking Care – our co-operative vision for adult social care, calling for carers and users to be put at the centre of the future of social care.

Though there are calls for national government to do more, there is a role for councils now to support this different approach. Whether that be through making best use of the Social Value Act, to ensuring there are worker and user forums, to support the co-operative sector in their area. 

Our event will hear from a social care provider who is using the principles of co-operation now to build on the first-hand knowledge of those who rely, receive and provide care – putting workers in the driving seat. Its employees are co-owners of the business, having a sense of belonging and the ability to shape the direction of the company.

It’s a crisis but we can discuss the solutions in our hands.  


Join Cheryl Barrott,  Co-founder of Change AGEnts (Older People’s Participation Co-operative)  and Vice-Chair of the Co-operative Party, Cllr Paul Brant, Cabinet Member – Health & Adult Social Care, Liverpool City Council and Paul Mooney, Academy Director, Care & Share Associates (CASA) Ltd  at 12.50pm in Room 5 Radcliffe at the Labour Councillors Conference this weekend.