Scottish Co-operative Party members with the Party's Centenary banner at New Lanark.

As part of the Co-operative Party’s centenary celebrations Scottish Labour and Co-operative Regional List MSP Claudia Beamish, who lives near Lanark,  took the banner to New Lanark World Heritage Centre on Friday 24th November.

Claudia Beamish MSP said, ‘It is a great honour to be one of the local MSPs for New Lanark.  I am proud to be a Co-operative Party MSP.  This means that I look to put power in the hands of the people at every opportunity and that I believe that our economy would be better if people had more say in how companies are run.’

‘I am delighted that the Co-operative Party has commissioned this beautiful banner to mark our centenary.  I am especially pleased to see the New Lanark Mills on the banner to mark Robert Owen and New Lanark’s contribution to the development of the co-operative movement.  I was proud to bring the banner to New Lanark, it was great to be joined by Co-operative Party members from across Scotland at this event, including our chair Cathy Peattie.’

Richard McCready, Scottish Political Officer for the Co-operative Party said, ‘We are delighted that our Vice-Chair in the Scottish Parliament Claudia Beamish MSP took our centenary banner to New Lanark.  We are proud of the Scottish roots of both the Co-operative Party and the wider co-operative movement.  Our party aims to find radical solutions for today’s problems in the same way that Robert Owen found solutions to the problems of the nineteenth century in part at least at New Lanark.’