Over the past year we have become all too familiar with the devastation that fire can cause for both individuals and communities.

In Scotland, fire safety is a crucial issue. Despite the hard work and bravery of the Fire and Rescue Service, instances of fire and fire deaths in Scotland are consistently higher than elsewhere in the UK . Some of Scotland’s most vulnerable populations are also more heavily affected as the outbreak of fire is disproportionately more prevalent in areas of socio-economic deprivation.

This is why I am proposing a Member’s Bill that would require fire sprinkler systems to be fitted in all new social housing. It is true that there is no one ‘fix all’ approach when it comes to fire safety. However, fire sprinklers are a tried and tested method with much life-saving potential. When a fire breaks out, fire sprinklers react to the heat and activate to control and contain the fire, giving occupants valuable extra time to escape and call the emergency services.

A recent consultation on my proposals displayed overwhelming support for the plans. Now I have until June 21 to gain the support of my Parliamentary colleagues for the right to introduce the legislation to Parliament.

I am delighted with the overwhelming public support for my proposals to increase fire safety in Scottish social housing. My hope is that such a common sense plan will now have support from across all the Holyrood parties and, in the long term, will be just the first step towards fire sprinklers protecting all Scottish homes.

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