The Wales Council of the Co-operative Party has voted unanimously to endorse Alun Michael as our candidate for re-selection to be the Labour & Co-operative Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales – and I am now asking you to vote for him in the Labour Party’s selection process.

Why?  For three main reasons:

  • Because Alun has put the Co-operative ideal into practice in policing. It now runs like a golden thread through the Police & Crime Plan for South Wales and the way the Police now work with partners to make our communities safe and confident.
  • Because everyone who knows Alun talks of his energy and commitment – always pushing the boundaries and connecting with people, whether police officers or PCSOs or staff or trades union representatives or people on the street. The values of co-operation and social justice are at the heart of everything he does.
  • Because we need his strength, experience and resilience at a time when central government has cut the police grant by over a third and the role of Commissioner is tougher than ever before.

He’s made a point of working with the seven councils across South Wales – meeting each leader and chief executive on their own patch once a quarter, setting out his plans annually in a letter to every single councillor across South Wales, inviting elected representatives in to see how he’s tackling problems like the massive demand on 101.  In other words, he doesn’t just respect local democracy with words but puts that respect into practice. From his 15 years as a councillor he knows how tough it is for us to apply Welsh Labour and Co-operative principles locally in Tory Britain

Alun has a long and distinguished career, as a Youth Worker, as a Trade Unionist, as a City Councillor, as an MP, as a Cabinet Minister, as our first First Minister and now as our Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales for 6 years. His commitment to this role – for which he resigned his seat in Parliament – comes from the experience of working with young offenders, sitting as a magistrate, and campaigning in Parliament for effective measures to be “tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime”.  Everyone who has worked with him speaks of the way he has worked to bring communities together and embed principles of co-operation. Just look at his record to see how his co-operative approach works.

In 6 years as our South Wales Commissioner, Alun has achieved an unrivalled reputation through what he’s done for our communities. His work to tackle the blight of violence against women and girls in the South Wales area is exemplary, working in co-operation with communities and partners to ensure this is the number one priority for South Wales Police.

Through time, resource and planning, Alun has worked to improve the South Wales Police response to victims of stalking and harassment.  He’s backed the vitally important Women’s Pathfinder Scheme, which has seen a 26% reduction in re-offending by the women it has helped. Projects to tackle offenders in the 18-25 age group, confront perpetrators of domestic violence and tackle the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences have only happened because of Alun’s leadership and understanding of the issues.

We’ve come such a long way in the fight for equality in our communities, but with so much far-right, discriminatory rhetoric around we can’t afford to be complacent. Alun has ensured that equality and co-operative values are at the heart of South Wales Police’s priorities. He has increased the recruitment of Police Officers from BAME communities, championed recruitment and progression of women, led the transformation of the situation in South Wales, and so much more.  This is the leadership we need for the future of South Wales Police – leading by example and practising what you preach.

Alun’s record as Commissioner for South Wales is impressive – especially in today’s political environment. Since 2010, the Police Grant from the Home Office has been cut by a third.  The Tory attack on our public services has been relentless, with the Police a prime target. But despite Tory austerity, Alun has protected South Wales Police. Working with our Welsh Labour Government he has maintained the number of PCSOs at 400 and increased officer numbers to 2,900 (the numbers went down from 3,400 under a Labour Government to under 2,800 as a result of Tory cuts).

That’s the sort of leadership we need when taking the Tories head-on at the next Commissioner Election in May 2020.

To keep up the fight for our communities against the Tories while being ambitious for our future, we need an experienced and formidable hand at the wheel.

That’s why I, alongside so many Councillors, MPs and AMs, am backing Alun Michael to be the Welsh Labour and Co-operative Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.

You can read more about Alun’s record at his campaign webpage – – and follow him on Twitter- @AlunMichael and the hashtag #Alun4PCC