Today is my first day as General Secretary of the Co-operative Party.

I believe that the Co-operative Party can be the positive political force that is desperately needed. From helping local communities fight for food justice to keeping modern slavery out of council supply chains, we’re focused on getting things done and delivering real co-operative change at all levels of government.

Our membership is at a modern high and we have strong representation across the country and with co-operative voices and representatives at many decision-making tables.

We have ambitious goals like doubling the size of the co-operative economy and putting co-operative solutions at the heart of tackling the climate emergency – but we can only make that future a reality with your help.

Join us and make this your first day as a member of the Co-operative Party.

Having worked at the Party in a variety of roles for nearly ten years, I know the true potential and ability we have to get out there and deliver real co-operative change. I hope you’re with us.