I am proud to be standing in this election as a Scottish Labour and Co-operative candidate. I am a co-operator and I want Scotland to be a place where wealth and power are shared.

The Scottish Co-operative Party’s ‘Building a Fairer Scotland’ platform demonstrates with just 12 examples ways in which co-operation can make a difference to our communities and our economy.

You can read the details of our policy platform here. It is good to know that these ideas have made their way into the Scottish Labour manifesto.

Most importantly, I want to see the size of the co-operative economy at least double, creating a fairer more equitable economy.

Businesses should pay their fair share of tax and that is why I support the Fair Tax Mark.

My friend Ged Killen has done lots to protect our banks and ATMs on the High Street and I want to see government action to support this.

I have long campaigned for a People’s Bus and a People’s Railway and I want to see these delivered .

I support devolution of power away from Whitehall but in Scotland that devolution should not mean power centralised in Holyrood. I want to see local government gain more powers but importantly I want to see communities empowered as well.

The gig economy is changing work for many people along with trade unions I want to work with the co-operative movement to ensure that workers are empowered and that new technology does not lead to workers being exploited.

I was pleased that the Co-operative Party supported my campaign to support the Caley railway workers. I support plans that would have given them a right to buy their workplace when it faced closure.

The Climate Emergency is the biggest challenge we face. We need a co-operative green new deal to achieve a just and rapid transition to zero carbon by 2030.

We must also recognise that our world is interconnected and that we must strive for justice across the world, I am proud that the wider co-operative movement has been at the forefront of these campaigns over the years.

At this election in Scotland there are six Labour and Co-operative candidates – Cara Hilton, Matt Kerr, Ged Killen, Johann Lamont, Gordon Munro and myself – as well as a number of co-operators standing as Scottish Labour candidates. A vote for us is a vote to Build a Fairer Scotland and a vote for a country where wealth and power are shared.