We are looking for a budget that supports communities. We are looking for a budget that invests in Scottish local government.

As Scottish Co-operative Party MSPs, we will always put supporting communities first. The SNP has passed on cuts to local government at four times the rate of cuts to the Scottish Government’s budget. This has an impact in our local communities.

Local government is at breaking point. There is only one way to ensure that we have councils that are fit to provide local services and tackle the issues of the day – the SNP must stop the cuts.

In this afternoon’s budget, our message is clear:  the Scottish Government must stop the cuts to our councils.

Scotland’s councils and the communities that they serve have suffered for years at the hands of SNP and Tory austerity. It is high time that the SNP Government provided councils with the resources that they need and bring an end to the age of austerity in our councils.

We know that Scottish Labour and Co-operative Councillors across Scotland are trying to protect their communities. The Scottish Government must help them and stop the cuts.

In the next month or so in the budget process we will be looking protect our communities, we hope that the government will listen.

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