Today in the Scottish Parliament we have the Stage 1 debate on the Scottish Budget.  As a Scottish Co-operative Party MSP and as the Scottish Labour spokesperson for Local Government I will be seeking to get changes made to the Budget.

As a co-operator I have a concern for our communities.  Therefore, I am very concerned that local government is under immense pressure and cuts of the size proposed make it impossible for Scotland’s councils to make a difference in key areas such as education and social care.

It is time for a fair deal for local government that will allow councils to provide the vital services that communities badly need.  Cuts to local government budgets at a time when social care is in crisis is unacceptable.  Cuts to local government budgets are cuts to communities.

If like me, you support communities and want to see investment in local government then please sign up to support the Scottish Co-operative Party campaign.

Our communities need investment.  Ongoing austerity whether it is from Westminster or Holyrood, or indeed both is not good enough.

We will be looking for a fair deal to local government in the debate today.

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