As a member of the Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee I was really pleased that the committee unanimously agreed to support the general principles of the Protection of Workers (Retail and Age-restricted Goods and Services) (Scotland) Bill which has been put forward by Daniel Johnson MSP.

The Covid-19 crisis has made clear that our retail workers are key workers. It has also highlighted the disgraceful treatment that they are often face at their work.

I believe that Daniel Johnson’s proposed bill was needed before Covid-19; the events since the lockdown have demonstrated that it is crucial.

Violence, threats and abuse should not be part of anybody’s job. It was good to see so many Co-op Party members agreed with this policy and told the committee their views. It was good to hear from the retail workers union Usdaw and from co-operative retail societies that they support this bill.

This Bill has now passed this important committee stage, it is essential that the Bill now gets time to progress through Parliament and become legislation.

It is important that legislative time is found for this crucial piece of legislation.

Many people have spoken about retail heroes during the pandemic, to make those words meaningful we need to deliver greater protection for retail workers and the Scottish Parliament should pass Daniel Johnson’s Bill.