We co-operators have always cared about our environment and public health. After all, the movement was founded to combat adulterated food and poor working conditions.

Now, one of the biggest risks to public health is air pollution. Air pollution now causes 40,000 early deaths at a cost of £20 billion each year according to the Royal College of Physicians. What’s more, over 10 per cent of coronavirus deaths are now linked to a very slightly higher levels of smaller particulates (+1 µg/m3 of PM2.5) in the air. That’s why we need World Health Organization air quality limits in law to protect our families’ health.

As a growing proportion of diesel cars affect our lungs, hearts and minds – and cause lasting damage to our children’s physical and mental health – we must act to put legally binding WHO air quality limits into the Environment Bill before it becomes law in December.

Currently, the Government only plans to set targets in 2022 that won’t even be legally enforceable and can be changed. Having left the EU, the UK is responsible for its own targets from 2021, so we must continue with legally-binding protection to save lives.

People spend 90% of their time indoors exposed to harmful air-borne chemicals from things like furniture and cleaning agents, so indoor air also needs inclusion in the Bill.

That’s why we need you to email your MP now to vote for amendments, supported by the All Party-Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution to provide:

  1. Immediate legally-binding air quality limits plus WHO annual average limits for PM2.5 of 12 µg/m3 by 2025 and10 µg/m3 by 2030
  2. Annual Government reports on how it is improving indoor air quality.

These changes are crucial to the future health of all our communities and of key importance to combat climate change. Please contact your MP today using the link below – it takes less than a minute.