The (dis)Ability Network is a safe space to discuss key issues and to be the voice within the Co-operative Party of Disabled People.

Our objectives are:

  • To support the recruitment and retention of disabled members to the Co-operative Party and to encourage their participation in other Cooperative Party structures and the wider co-operative movement.
  • To support disabled members to be active at all levels of organisation and representation.
  • To support the Co-operative Party to secure direct Co-operative representation in the UK, Scottish and Welsh Parliaments and all levels of local government and to promote the selection and election of disabled members of the Co-operative Party as appropriate in accordance with the decisions of the NEC to promote the political policy of the Co-operative Party.
  • To support, promote and to assist in the development of the Party’s campaigns and policies.

One of the aims of the network, is for members to identify co-operative solutions to the many problems we face, in accordance with the values and principals of cooperation and the social model of disability. The (dis)Ability network will strive to ensure that everyone is aware of the many barriers and types of discrimination faced by people with disabilities in our society.

On the 3rd December 2020 (International Day of Disabled Persons 2020) the Network held our second webinar and welcomed 4 guest speakers chosen for their experience of invisible disabilities, (this years theme). We had a lively discussion about the social model of disability, issues around education and independent living service(s) before returning to local government, amongst other topics.

The panel shared examples of co-operative solutions, that are making a real difference to people’s lives and their community. The (dis)Ability Network Steering Committee will hold more events and discussions during 2021. Deliberating on how co-operative values, principles and policies, must work for all disabled people.

We also intend to share vital information, with ideas of how to rebuild society post-Covid, with the voices of disabled people at the heart of policy and decision making.

Please update your Co-operative Party membership and join the (dis)Ability network, we cannot do this work alone, your ideas and experiences, along with your knowledge and lived experience will help to shape our party’s policy and practice to deliver real change.

If you are interested in getting involved, have ideas you would like to share, or have a question you want to ask about the (dis)Ability Network, please drop us an email to: