I have so many personal reasons to celebrate Black History Month. Black History Month is also about celebrating my achievements as a black achiever who has been amplifying black voices in my community. I’m a black co-operator who has a community project that’s given out more than 5000 food parcels to support families and individuals living in poverty. Wearing my co-operator’s hat on working in partnership with 30 cooperative supermarkets in Kent to prevent food wastage and ensures that the food gets to the tables of the less privileged.

My roles as the first black parish councillor in Aylesford and the first black school governor in the school where I’m now the vice chair for the school governing board has not only encouraged others but has shown younger generations from my black community the importance of being a positive role model within the community where one has been stereotyped and discriminated against.

I’m part of the Co-operative Women’s and BAME Committees and significantly working towards our common goals of having a fairer party and community that works for the many. I celebrate being the first black woman to be selected by any party in UK to stand as a police and crime commissioner candidate.

I celebrate being the woman who ensured that equality, diversity and inclusion is an in co-operated statement into our parish council policy.

I celebrate my co-operative values putting communities at the heart of what I do.