As the UK Parliament starts its summer break, it’s a chance for us to reflect and celebrate together just some of our achievements in past few months, as well as looking ahead to the future. 

The cost-of-living crisis is still hammering down on communities across the UK. But our movement has risen to the challenge and is helping to deliver the practical, co-operative solutions our country needs. Already this year we: 

  • Worked with the Labour Party to help develop the biggest ever expansion of community-owned energy, which will cut bills and give communities ownership and control of their energy supply;  
  • Changed the law by helping to pass the Co-operatives, Mutuals and Friendly Societies Bill, helping to protect and grow the co-operative sector for generations to come;
  • Fought against the tax avoidance which deprives our public services by signing up even more local authorities to become Fair Tax Councils;
  • Saw the first councils pass our new Diverse Councils Declaration, committing them to promoting diversity in local government; 
  • Elected a record number of Co-operative Councillors, many of whom have already put co-operative ideas into action on energy, housing and other key areas in town halls across the country; 

All of these wins have only happened because we’re growing our movement and growing our membership. 

But as we look back on our achievements, we must also look forward to what the coming months holds for our Party. With a general election possibly just around the corner, there’s not a moment to lose. As a Party, we must continue to focus on the things that matter to people, and make a difference to their everyday lives. I know that by working together, that is exactly what our members can deliver.