Campaign Briefing : Fair Tax

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20th April 2017
Last updated:
7th December 2017
3rd March 2024
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Key Points:

  • The Co-operative Party believes that the economy should work for the benefit of us all, rather than private profit alone. That includes recognising companies who pay their fair share of tax.
  • The FairTax Mark identifies those businesses that pay their fair share from those who do not. It’s been dubbed the ‘new Fairtrade’ as the latest standard for ethically-minded consumer.
  • The Co-operative Party was the first political party to achieve the Fairtax Mark in April 2016.
  • Labour & Co-operative Councillors won a change in government procurement guidance for councils, so that a company’s tax record must be considered.

Time for action on tax :

  • Use of tax havens, and tax avoidance means that the very wealthy can often pay less tax than working people.
  • Britain’s top 5 co-operatives pay more UK tax than Amazon, Facebook, Apple, eBay and Starbuck combined

Things councils can do on tax

Fair Tax Motions
Scrutiny Review
Action Points
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