CLP Affiliations 2023

For attention of:
5th June 2023
Last updated:
5th June 2023
27th September 2023
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This year’s affiliation fee has been paid to your CLP.

The Co-operative Party affiliates to every Constituency Labour Party (CLP) as part of the National Agreement between the Co-operative Party and the Labour Party.

This affiliation allows us to nominate joint Labour and Co-operative candidates to stand for election, and facilitates both parties working together on a local level.

The affiliation fee is paid by Co-operative Party Head Office to Labour Party Head Office who then pay it direct to the CLP bank account.

The payment for 2022 was paid to the CLP bank account on or around 20 May 2022. This will appear on the bank statement as a payment from ‘Labour Party’ but with the description of ‘COOPAFF23’ – the payment will be for between £6 and £30 depending on the number of delegates you affiliate for.

Click here to read the full briefing on our CLP affiliations. You can also download a notice to send your CLP Secretary and Treasurer that confirms the payment has been made and that your affiliation is up to date.

If you haven’t already, please send us a list of your branch’s CLP delegates so that we can add them to our circulation list.