Join in your Co-operative Society meetings and events this autumn

John Boyle
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12th September 2018
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27th September 2018
27th October 2020
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Our Co-op Societies support us, we in turn support them

Our Party enjoys the support of many Co-operative Societies. They are our members and help the Party in so many ways. We provide a voice in local and national Governments.

Co-operative Societies are democratic and hold member meetings and events to keep in touch with their members.

We in turn encourage our members to support their local or national co-op. What better way than to attend one of their democratic meetings. Co-op Group, Central England Co-operative, Scotmid, Chelmsford Star, all hold meetings across the Autumn period.  If you attend one of their meetings you will learn more about your Co-op.

The Co-operative Group is holding a series of Shape Your Community events across the whole of the UK and in some very different places than just the usual large city.

From 24th September in Darlington taking in York, Doncaster; Sutton on Sea; Newcastle, Inverness; Kircaldy; Nottingham; Cambridge; Leigh on Sea; Preston; Bournemouth, Brighton, Highgate London; Reading; Cardiff; Bristol; Belfast; Warrington; Stoke; Worcester; Wrexham; Manchester and finishing in Brixton on 7th November.

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Shape your community – you’re invited to our local events

Central England Co-operative  are also holding their Interim Member Meetings across their trading area. Almost all during the week of Monday 8th October.

Midcounties Co-op  is holding its Interim Member Meetings over a similar period too. will tell you where they are being held.

Our members in Scotland could also attend, if they are members of, Scotmid Co-operative Ordinary General Meetings

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If you live in the Chelmsford area, don’t miss the local Chelmsford Star Co-operative member meeting (this is my favourite Society, don’t tell the others)

Don’t stop there, if you live in an area not covered by one of the above, and are a member of another co-operative, find out when they have their meetings, attend them and support co-operation where ever it is. Its the Principle Six thing to do.

If you are not sure which Co-op is your Co-op, get in touch with

Action Points
  • Join in
    Have your say in your local co-operative society
  • Encourage members to attend
    Take a friend, share the story of your co-operative
  • Principle Six of the Co-operative Principles
    Co-operatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the Co-operative Movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.
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John Boyle Party Support and Principle Six Officer

John Boyle

Party Support and Principle Six Officer