Policy Consultation: Community, place and power

Anna Birley
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18th January 2019
Last updated:
31st January 2019
20th October 2020
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The Co-operative Party's 2019 policy consultation process is now open. These consultations are an opportunity to have your say on the Party's position on key issues. Submissions made via the process form the starting point for debates at regional conferences throughout the year, and at Annual Conference, which is held each October.

2019 policy process

Community, place and power is one of two consultations which comprise this year’s member policy process.

Our existing policy platform
Questions to consider
Downloadable materials

This briefing is also available as a printer-friendly PDF:

thumbnail of Discussion paper – Community, Place and Power
Discussion paper – Community, Place and Power
With information about the 2019 policy process and questions to discuss and consider when making a response to the 'Community, Place and Power' consultation.
thumbnail of Background briefing – Community, Place and Power
Background briefing – Community, Place and Power
With context to this policy consultation topic, and an overview of existing party policy on community, place and power
Make a policy submission

Once you’ve read the information and questions above, you’re invited to share your ideas and thoughts by making a policy submission. Any individual member or party unit can make a submission, which can be done by either uploading a document or by answering a short online questionnaire.

Make a submission

Action Points
  • Make a submission online
    Submissions can be submitted via an online questionnaire or uploaded document (More)
  • Organise an event locally
    This could be as part of an ordinary branch meeting, or one specially organised for this purpose. If you'd like your event to be listed on the website, you can submit it here. (More)
  • Submissions must be made by the end of June
For more information

For more information about the Process, support organising an event or if you have a question about making a submission, contact:

Anna Birley

Policy Officer