Tackling the climate emergency – a guide for action!

Emma Hoddinott
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20th June 2019
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20th June 2019
1st March 2021
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Cllr Tom Hayes shares Oxford's experience of declaring a climate emergency and how you can work with co-operatives and community wealth building to develop your response.

What’s the plan? How do we meet the climate emergency?

Following on from the workshop at Unleashing Community Power Conference, Cllr Tom Hayes shares how Councillors can create co-operative strategies for ushering in a Zero Carbon 2030 in our communities.

Based on his experience in Oxford, he shares his ideas for a co-operative plan of action.


Start to get your public ready for Zero Carbon
Declare a Climate Emergency
Better understand your current emissions
Engage your anchor institutions on the role they can play
Get to grips with the interventions which can reduce emissions
How ambitious do you want to be?
Agree your carbon reduction strategy for your area up to 2030
Action Points
  • Share your thoughts
    Cllr Tom Hayes is keen to hear about what your areas is doing, so get in touch. (More)
  • Pass the motion
    Passing the motion to declare a climate emergency is a start.
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