Back our plan for community-owned energy – Co-operative Party

For too long, we've relied on energy produced and owned abroad – empowering oligarchs while multinational oil and gas companies make record profits.

With prices reaching record highs, there has never been a more important moment to invest in cheap, clean renewable energy produced and owned right here in the UK.

At the Co-operative Party, we know that ownership matters. And that's why we back community-owned energy, where local people own and control renewables like solar panels and wind farms that power their communities.

We're calling for a new £90 million National Community Energy Fund to help deliver transformative change to the energy system, by building renewable energy capacity and putting communities in control. Our plan will create 150,000 new owners of community energy

We need a new energy production system that is cheap, green and owned and controlled by the people who use it. Agree? Check out our plan for community energy, and add your name to publicly back community energy.

5,190 people have backed our plan

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Community Energy Plan

We want to rocket boost community-owned energy. Here's how.

1. Create a new £90 million National Community Energy Fund to help deliver transformation change to the energy sector and build green capacity which puts communities in control.

2. Secure our future by creating a new National Community Energy Strategy, alongside dedicated delivery teams at every level of government.

3. Expand our ambition by setting new targets for community-owned renewable energy production

4. Level the playing-field between community-owned energy and privately-owned giants, by removing barriers to producers selling their energy locally.

5. Support collaborations at a local level with adequate funding, including allowing councils to prioritise community-owned projects in procurements.

Agree? Add your name to back the plan.