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Community Housing

Given the housing crisis, you'd think the Government would welcome local people working together to build affordable homes. So why does it seem intent on stopping them?

The UK faces a housing crisis – in major cities rents are soaring while other regions are seeing neighbourhoods blighted by a lack of investment and empty properties.

In recent years, communities have taken matters into their own hands, working together to build hundreds of permanently affordable homes via community land trusts (CLTs). CLTs are based on the idea that the price of homes should be permanently affordable, and based on what people actually earn in an area not inflated market prices.

But upcoming changes in Government changes could put the future of these schemes in doubt.

Call on the Government to:

Make community land trusts and co-operative housing exempt from the upcoming ban on selling new homes as leasehold

As the Government rightly clamps down on unfair practices by exploitative developers, there’s a risk CLTs and other forms of co-op housing are caught in the crossfire. We need the government to exempt them from the upcoming changes, enabling CLTs to ensure affordable homes stay affordable, and can’t be sold off for private profit.

Commit to renewing the Community Housing Fund

We need the Government to keep its pre-election promise of £300m in support to get community-led housing off the ground.

Exclude community land trusts from voluntary Right to Buy

Community Land Trusts need clarity and certainty that they won’t be forced to sell homes to tenants under ‘Right to Buy’. This lack of assurances makes it hard for CLTs to plan or invest in new development.


Demand the government protects community-led housing

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