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Vote to continue the partnership between the Co-op Group and the
Co-operative Party

The Co-operative Party was founded in 1917 by the co-operative movement – made up of member and employee-owned businesses determined to change how business is done and who shares its rewards.

That relationship continues today, with the Co-op supermarkets and retail societies on your high street continuing to support our Party and campaign with us on crucial issues like food poverty, ending violence against shopworkers, and promoting Fairtrade.

Vote Yes to Motion 9 to ensure our work continues.


Soon, those of us who regularly shop with the Co-operative Group (‘the Co-op’) will once again be asked to vote on continuing the partnership with Co-operative Party.

For over 100 years, the Co-operative Party and the co-operative movement have worked in partnership to build a society where power and wealth are shared. We are the political voice of the co-operative movement, taking co-operative policies and principles from the shop floor to the places where laws are made.

We are your voice at decision-making tables across the country: supporting co-operative ideas like fairtrade, food justice and protection for shopworkers. But for that work to continue, we need your vote.

To keep this historic link between our movement and our Party and to continue the amazing successes we've achieved together, vote Yes to Motion 9 as part of the Co-op Group AGM before the deadline of 16th May.

Why am I being asked to vote?

Over a century ago, the individual co-operative societies that make up the UK co-op movement came together to establish the Co-operative Party as their political voice. Since then, these co-operatives have regularly consulted their members and voted on whether to continue their subscription to the Party.

Today, the largest of these co-operative societies is the Co-operative Group (‘the Co-op’), which sells food, funeral care and insurance across the country.

For the past 6 years, the Co-op Group has held a direct ballot of its members on whether to maintain the subscription, and on all occasions, Co-op Group members have approved maintaining the link overwhelmingly.

The vote is taking place once again this year, and we are therefore asking for your support.

Who is eligible to vote?

You are likely to be able to vote if:

  • You shop regularly at a Co-operative Group store (with a blue membership card) and spent over £250 using your membership card in 2021.
  • You have an insurance or funeralcare plan with the Co-op.

You may not be able to vote if:

  • You have spent less than £250 at the Co-op in the past calendar year, or have not used your blue membership card.
  • You are a member of an independent Co-operative society (such as Scotmid or Central England)

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to vote, visit (requires you to be logged in) or call 0800 0686 727.

Being a member of the Co-operative Party (with a purple membership card) does not automatically make you eligible in this vote – though many Party members will be eligible, and will receive a voting pack by post or email.

How do I vote?

Eligible voters will receive a voting pack by post or email when voting begins.

  • If the Co-op has a valid email address on record for you, you will receive a link to vote securely online.
  • For everyone else, watch out for an AGM pack that will arrive by post.

If you sign up for our email updates, we will let you know when the vote begins and the easiest way to cast your vote.

Since last year's vote, we have:

  • Supported shopworkers facing skyrocketing levels of violence, threats and abuse through the pandemic by winning further legal protections for shopworkers. In Westminster, our campaign had a massive win with the assault of public-facing workers like shopworkers set to become a specific aggravated offence. In Scotland, the Protection of Workers Act came into force, which saw 300 offences reported in just the first three months of the new law.
  • Fought for food justice by helping to increase the uptake of Healthy Start food vouchers in every area of England and Wales; backing local food poverty solutions such as Food Champions, food partnerships and community fridges; supporting the expansion of Free School Meals; and leading a national conversation on a legal Right to Food.
  • Protected the co-operative and mutual movement by standing against the takeover of historic mutual insurer LV= and helping to prevent its sell-off to an American venture capital firm.
  • Tackled the scandal of tax avoidance by winning on campaigns such as bringing in a register of overseas owners, backing the Biden Plan for a global minimum corporation tax and supporting councils to increase tax transparency. The Co-operative Group and the Co-operative Party continue to both be accredited by the Fair Tax Foundation, because our movement will always be proud to pay our fair share.
  • Put co-operation in power across the country by having our most successful set of elections yet in 2021, which saw our representation grow to over 900 councillors, 11 MSPs, 16 MSs and 5 Metro Mayors, alongside our 25 MPs in Westminster.

You’re not just a shopper.
You’re a pioneer.

"The Co-op" is more than a shop: it's a critical part of a movement dedicated to changing the way power and wealth are shared.

From being the first supermarket to stock Fairtrade products to their brilliant work on tackling the climate emergency by pioneering the elimination of plastic waste, they show us a different, more ethical way to do business.

Your blue card is more than a way to earn rewards for yourself. As you shop, you are supporting causes in your local community. You are signalling your support for an ethical business that pays its fair share of tax. You are earning the right to make decisions about how the Co-op Group should use its power. You make the work we do possible.

Your card means you are part of a movement. You're not just a shopper. You're a pioneer.


Campaign win: #NotPartOfTheJob

With abuse against shopworkers skyrocketing during lockdown, we've been proud this year to continue supporting the Co-op Group's campaigns to protect retail workers from violence, threats and abuse.

We ask shopworkers to enforce the law by preventing illegal sales of knives, acid and alcohol, but the law doesn't do enough to protect them. That's why we backed Daniel Johnson MSP's bill in the Scottish Parliament calling for stronger protections for shopworkers and tougher penalties against those who assault or threaten them. We're proud that in August, that Bill came into force and has begun to take effect: over 300 cases were reported to the police within the first three months of the Bill becoming law.

But we didn't stop there. We continued the fight in Westminster to ensure that shopworkers are protected in every part of the UK. In December, our campaign had a massive win with an amendment which will see assaults on public-facing workers like shopworkers become an aggravated offence. This was the culmination of years of work by the Co-operative Party, the Co-operative Group and the rest of the co-operative and trade union movements. These are the kind of crucial wins that our partnership makes possible.

The Coronavirus pandemic highlighted how shopworkers are some of the unsung heroes of our society. With your vote and support, we can continue our work to protect them from violence and ensure they get the protection and recognition they deserve.

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