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CPDC Elections 2020

Interested joining the Co-operative Party Disciplinary Committee? Here's everything you need to know.

The Co-operative Party’s Disciplinary Committee (CPDC) is an elected body, separate to the NEC, which plays an important part in ensuring that the rules and standards of the Party are maintained. 

The CPDC is comprised of 22 members, two per region and elections to the CPDC take place every three years at the same time as the election to the NEC.   

Members elected in 2020 (and at subsequent by-elections) will serve from June 2020 until the next CPDC is elected in 2023. 

Candidates must have been a member of the Co-operative Party for five years and live in the nation or region for which they are seeking nomination.   

Nominations are made by Party Councils and Societies/Affiliates – the candidate must also be a member of the body nominating them and may not be a member of the NEC, MP, MSP, AM or member of staff.    

Apply for nomination to the CPDC

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Read Disciplinary Rules

Got a question?

Please contact our Deputy General Secretary, Karen Wilke, at or call 02073674178.

CPDC Elections Timeline

18 December 2019

Applications open

6 February 2020 (5pm)

Closing date for applications

13 February 2020

BranchParty Council and Society/Affiliate nominations open 

15 March 2020

Closing date for nominations

27 March 2020

Ballot papers issued to Societies, Affiliates and Party Councils  

4 May 2020

Ballots close

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of CPDC?

(Extract from the rules) 

The duties and powers of the CPDC shall be:  

  • To determine by hearing or otherwise such disciplinary matters as are presented to it by the Officials of the Party on the instructions of the NEC.  
  • To determine appeals by members in respect of decisions by, or on behalf of the NEC, on disciplinary matters.  
  • Where a determination has been made as a result of a case brought under either of the above, to impose such disciplinary measures as it thinks fit whether by way of reprimand or suspension from holding office in the Party, or being a delegate to or from any Party body, or expulsion from membership of the Party or removal or qualification of any right of membership.  

The decisions of the CPDC in determining such disciplinary matters brought before it and imposing such disciplinary measures as it sees fit, shall be final. 

Who can stand?

Who can stand? 

The size of the CPDC has been increased for this election to help to ensure diversity on the Committee and we particularly encourage BAME, LGBT+ and disabled members to stand for election. 

Members who have relevant experience or training e.g. through their trade union are also urged to apply. 

Additionally, members of the CPDC must: 

  • have been a member of the Co-operative Party for five years 
  • live in the nation or region for which they are seeking nomination   
  • be a member of the body nominating them 
  • not be a member of the NEC, MP, MSP, AM or member of staff.    

Read all the information?

Start the application process now!

Co-operative Party Disciplinary Committee Application

Applications will open on 18 December 2019 for elections to the Co-operative Party Disciplinary Committee (CPDC) for 2020-23.   

If you would like to be considered for nomination and election to the Co-operative Party Disciplinary Committee, please complete the candidate application form in full. 

After the closing date (5pm on Thursday 6 February), valid forms will be forwarded to branches, local parties, Societies and affiliated organisations in the relevant nation/region to enable them to nominate up to two candidates. 

The election will be by Party Councils, Societies and affiliated organisations. 

Before you complete this form, there are a few things to note: 

  • Please read the guidance to be clear that you meet the skills and commitment needed for a member of the CPDC and are not ineligible  
  • You must be a current member of the Co-operative Party and have been so continuously for at least 5 years prior to 15 March 2020 
  • You must live in the nation/region that you are standing to represent.  
  • You must be a member of the body (e.g. local Party or Society) nominating you 
  • You must not be a member of the NEC, MP, MSP, AM or member of staff.  
    Please enter your self-identified gender. This is used for compliance purposes and will not be published.
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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, jpeg, png.