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At present food poverty is often split between directorates and portfolios within local authorities, despite being a growing problem.

Half of councils do not have a dedicated lead member for food poverty, yet we know that having a named person brings focus and attention to any topic. That is why we suggest that councils should consider adding the explicit responsibility for food poverty to a lead member's portfolio.

According to our research, councils which have a single lead member for food were far more likely to work closely with a local food alliance, partnership or network. That's one other reason we think designating a lead member with responsibility for food justice is an important first step for councils seeking to tackle hunger in their area.

How do we do this?

Where Labour & Co-operative, or Labour councillors are in control clarifying portfolios should be a simple measure. We have prepared a template motion for you to take to branches to put this into practice.

In opposition, councillors can bring this motion urging the ruling political group to take action, or address the issue through scrutiny.

Download Template motion

Download the template motion on designating a lead member for food justice.

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8 million people in the UK struggle to put on the table and are ‘food insecure’.

That’s why we’re calling on Government and the other main political parties to support incorporating Sustainable Development Goal 2 (“zero hunger by 2030”) into UK law.

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