Call for a Roadmap to Dignity in Bereavement

For those who have lost a loved one to Covid-19, the inability to fully grieve has been one of the most difficult parts of the crisis. Many were not able to hug friends and family at funerals – or even hold a funeral at all. More materially, early and unexpected deaths have had a serious financial impact on their families.

This financial impact has also hit the funeral care sector: to do their part in the national effort against Covid-19, many took steps to reduce funeral costs or offer simpler funeral plans. However, many small and independent providers may now go out of business – losing crucial capacity for dignified funerals ahead of a potential second wave.

As talk begins of a ‘return to normal’, it’s important that we recognise that for those who have lost loved ones, there is no going back. The Government needs to provide a way forward for those left behind – and to do this, a roadmap to dignity in bereavement is essential.

That's why we're calling on the Government to publish a Roadmap to Dignity in Bereavement, to support the financial and mental health of families dealing with a loss to Covid-19 and also the funeral care sector as a whole. Agree? Add your name now.


I believe:

1. Nobody should be forced into debt to afford a dignified funeral service

2. There must be clearer guidance on rules around number of funeral attendees to end the funeral postcode lottery.

3. There should be support for families to hold memorial services if they were unable to hold a full funeral due to the crisis

4. We must support the funeral care sector to ensure capacity isn't lost ahead of potential second wave

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