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As part of promoting more democratic and ethical communities, the Central Midlands Co-operative Party is hosting a series of online information sessions aimed at aspiring and existing local authority councillors.

With around 300 seats up for election in May 2021 across the West Midlands, there is a great opportunity to grow the number of co-operative councillors and help to increase their understanding and awareness of co-operative issues in their communities.

The first of these online sessions focuses on the party process – it will cover:
– What it means to be a Co-operative Party councillor
– The process and procedures for becoming an official candidate
– What help is available from national and local parties

Future sessions to be arranged in the new year will focus on examples of co-operation in local government from across the country (led by the Co-operative Councils Innovation Network) and community co-operatives in the West Midlands.




14th Dec
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Jeevan Jones