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Spring Conference
9 March 2019, Central London 10-16:00

Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre

Food, housing, money, work

A secure home. Food on the table. A fair wage. These are some of the building blocks of life that ought to be everyone's' right.

Achieving them for all ought to be common sense: common decency.

But after a decade of austerity, common decency seems further away than ever. For a growing number of people, the reality is insecure housing, hunger, and a daily struggle to make ends meet.

This year's Co‑operative Party Spring Conference will focus on how we can rebuild common decency and ensure decent living for all. We will bring together campaigners, elected representatives, academics and party members to analyse the challenges and share the latest policy thinking.

We will hear from those at the forefront of change in their communities too. They will share inspiring stories of co‑operative action at the local level, with practical tips and examples to make a difference in our own communities across the country.

Common decency means:

Food justice

Ensuring every community can access affordable and healthy food.


Quality housing for all, with security of tenure and affordable rents.

Decent work

Respect and dignity at work, with secure hours and fair pay.

Financial resilience

Access to good advice and the ability to plan for a rainy day.

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